Traveling With Lithium Batteries

As of January 1 2008, the lives of those of us who travel with our production gear just got a little harder.

The bottom line is ALL lithium batteries need to be carried on, not packed in baggage, This is all lithium batteries, from a spare laptop or cellphone battery, as well as our camera batteries.


Although the rules can be confusing, here are the basics:

  • Carry on all Lithium batteries
  • 90Wh batteries (our AM/SM4060 units) are in the “any number of spare batteries” category. (see DOT info)
  • Larger than 90Wh batteries (our AM/SM 4010 & 4090 units) are limited to only 2 per person, as they have always been. (see DOT info)

Of course, we all need to be well prepared in case we need to explain the rules and regulations to a TSA person should the need arise, so please see the links below for some useful downloads and links.

Useful Links and Downloads:

PHMSA Battery Travel Info
DOT Press Release: DOT Lithium Air Travel
Actual "Code of Federal Regulation" (CFR) Revision CFR_49-157.10 (PDF download)
Batteries 4 Broadcast Travel Statement: B4B Travel Letter (PDF Download)