150Wh V-Mount Battery

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  • $ 375.00

The SM-4010 14.8V V-Mount Li-Ion Battery (150Wh, 10.0Ah) is a mid-size battery pack for demanding productions requiring compact size. It features  impact-resistant construction, which protects the interior connections against bumps and impacts The battery is capable of discharging up to 75Watts continuously without overheating or suffering performance loss.

A P-Tap power output port is available on the side for devices operating at 14.8V nominal voltage. It will provide up to 5A of power and are electronically and independently protected against shorts and overload so not to compromise the battery's main supply. A 4 segment LED gauge on the side confirms remaining capacity at the press of a push button next to it. There's no memory effect and the battery can be charged at any time. You can use any B4B charger designed for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, such as the SM-C2 2 channel simultaneous charger. Or our TC-1 universal travel charger through the specialized side polarized DC connecter. As well as Sony or IDX V-Mount chargers
This model has some IATA restrictions and can be transported two per passenger in hand luggage, or in checked-in luggage if installed in your equipment. Always check latest regulations and with your Airline before travel if unsure of current restrictions.


NOTE: Ground Shipping Only on batteries over 100Wh.

Voltage : 14.4 V
Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V
Cutoff voltage : 11 V
Capacity : 150 Wh
Power limit : 75 W
Dimensions excluding mount: 6” x 4” x 2”
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Mount type : V-Mount (Sony - IDX Style Mount)

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