Travel Battery Charger

Batteries 4 Broadcast

  • $ 100.00

The B4B TC1 provides an alternative way of charging your battery fleet with maximum flexibility and economy.

It charges B4B batteries regardless of their mount type using the D-Tap charge input on all B4B full size batteries.
For the price of one conventional 2 or 4 way charger you can have several TC1. When you split batteries between groups your can also split your chargers instead of returning all batteries the to one place for charging.

The TC1 is light, small and very reliable. It has no moving parts, battery mount, nor fan.
It uses a standard computer power cable and works with all AC voltages from 90V to 240V
(50 or 60Hz).


Input : 90~240 V, 47~63 Hz
Output charging voltage : DC 16.75+0.05 V
Output charging current : max 2.2 A, normal 2.0 A
Full Charge :
90 Wh - 278 min, 150 Wh - 425 min, 190Wh - 499 min
Dimensions : 2.72 x 5.43 x 1.57 in
Weight : 1.10 lbs

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