Traveling With Lithium Batteries

Air Transport and General Travel Advisory – as of January 2016

The bottom line is ALL lithium batteries need to be carried on, not packed in baggage, This is all lithium batteries, from a spare laptop or cellphone battery, as well as our camera batteries. Also, Airlines may have their own specific limitations on batteries, so please check with your carrier. And these rules change frequently so stay informed!


Although the rules can be confusing, here are the basics:

  • Carry on all Lithium batteries regardless of size, but a battery of 160Wh or less installed on or in equipment, MAY (check with airlines) be permissible as long as the total weight is less than 11 Lbs. NO SPARE BATTERIES IN CHECKED BAGGAGE.
  • You may carry on an unlimited number of batteries less than 100Wh, in a protected case/pouch to prevent short circuit of terminals.
  • Batteries larger than 100Wh batteries (up to 160Wh) are limited to only 2 per person, carried on. (one again, check with your airline!)

Please visit the links below for the latest information and to prepared in case you need to explain the latest rules and regulations to TSA personal should the need arise, so please see the links below for some useful downloads and links.

Useful Links and Downloads:

IATA Lithium Battery Guidance 2016
IATA Lithium Batteries as Cargo in 2016 Update III
FAA "Safe Pack" Battery Travel Info

Actual "Code of Federal Regulation" (CFR) Revision CFR_49-157.10
Batteries 4 Broadcast Travel Statement: B4B Travel Letter (PDF Download)