MAXX PAK 100Wh Gold Mount Quad Battery Package

Batteries 4 Broadcast

  • $ 1,200.00

NEW MaxPak Quad 100

4 Channel Gold Mount Charger with FOUR MAX-100Wh Gold Mount Batteries

A great value for longer run times or larger power needs, each battery will run the average 50Watt load for close to 2 Hours. And with both D-Tap and USB-C connection points, these batteries are a versatile power source for your production needs.

And with a max load on batteries of 150Watts, are superior to standard batteries for powering Higher Output LED lighting.

This kit includes:

(4) - AM-100 MAX Cube Gold Mount 150Wh batteries

(1) - AM-C4 4CH Channel simultaneous charger with integral 60 Watt camera power supply

(1) - US 120V AC Cord (220v Available on request)

(1) - 4 Pin XLR power supply cord included.


NOTE: Ground Shipping Only on all B4B Lithium batteries

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