MAXX 160 V-Mount Battery

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NEW B4B MAXX Series Gold Mount Camera Batteries

The B4B MAXX 160 V-Mount Li-Ion Battery (158Wh, 10.2Ah 14.8v)with USB and D-Tap connectivity is aimed at the Digital Cinematography market where high current loads are more common every day. An Excellent choice for High Output LED lighting.
With an output of up to 150W or 12A this battery can handle the job.

The MAXX 160 is equipped with (1) D-Tap connector and (1) USB power out connector for powering peripheral equipment. The MAX 160’s high capacity of 158Wh gives extended running times while being under the 160Wh IATA limit for carry-on air-craft baggage.

A 5 segment LED gauge on the rear of the battery confirms remaining capacity at the press of a push button. There's no memory effect and the battery can be charged at any time. You can use any B4B charger designed for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, such as the SM-C2 2 channel simultaneous charger.

This model has some IATA restrictions and can be transported two per passenger in carry-on luggage. Always check latest regulations and with your Airline before travel if unsure of current restrictions.

NOTE: Ground Shipping Only on all B4B Lithium batteries

B4B MAXX 160 Specifications


Capacity : 158.4 Wh

Dimensions excluding mount (H x W x D) : 115 x 92 x 98 mm (4.53 x 3.62 x 3.84 in)

Weight approximately : 1200 g (2.65 lbs)


1 V-Mount (output and charging) 

1 D-Tap (output and charging) 

1 USB A (output only)

V-Mount and D-Tap specifications

Voltage : 14.4 V

Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V

Cutoff voltage : 11 V

Capacity : 158.4 Wh

Power limit : 150 W

Maximum current : 12 A

USB output specifications

Voltage (regulated) : 5 V

Maximum current : 1 A

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